Hey! Welcome to the website! I'm SO glad you came! At this site, you can make your own account, and have a User Page, Talk Page, Blog posting area, and a My home area all for you to customize your own way! On your user page, you can decorate it with pictures, you can post up videos, and write storys! You can write about you, what are your favorite things are, and much more! On your Talk page, other users on this site can talk to you. You can choose to talk back, or just ignore them! On your Blog posting area, you can post up things like what you did on the weekends, what you did when/if you when on vacation, and much more. Then, other users can post comments up about your blog, and you can comment back. Your My Home page tells you what has been going on latley, like if any new blogs were put up, if any stories were made into new articles, and more! If you need any help with anything, come to me, Autumnfur, because I was the maker of this site. If you get in a fight with anyone, come tell me, or if someone says or does what they are not suppose to(Look at The Rules for Tawnypeltlover Wikia! to see what you can't do.) come tell me. I hope you like it here on Tawnypeltlover Wiki, and I hope to see you as a user here sometime! Sincerly, --Autumnfur 14:59, December 5, 2009 (UTC)